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Quad Cities Building Codes

Important: Check back periodically for updates to code requirements. Contractors: If the codes do not seem to be updated for a government entity or if corrections are needed, suggest to the listed Building Official that changes be sent to Jo Mason, AGCQC. The Quad City Building Codes outlines key aspects of building codes and permit procedures established in the Greater Quad Cities.  This list is intended to make designers and builders aware of the differences among the several authorities and to provide a single source for working through the design, submittal and construction requirements in each municipality.  You may use the All Codes or the convenient, printable individual community sections (Bettendorf, etc.) in the menu below.

Please note aspects of the following categories:

Code Amendments:  Each municipality adopts amendments to the building code.  Please contact the building department for content of these amendments.
Historic Preservation Exceptions: Some municipalities offer exceptions to some building code requirements for historic projects.  Please contact the building department for content of these exceptions.
Architect/Engineer Stamp Requirements:  Iowa and Illinois have enacted legislation, which requires the services of Architects and/or Engineers on building projects.  Each state has listed exceptions to this requirement.  Also, some municipalities require the architect's/engineer's stamp only in specific instances.  Please contact the building department for a list of these exceptions and specific areas.
Plan Review Fees:  Some municipalities require a plan review fee in addition to the building permit fee.  Please contact the building department for amounts if "yes" is box indicated in this box in the matrix.
Building Permit Fees:  Please contact the appropriate building department for fee schedules.
Zoning/Overlay Districts, Storm Water Management, and Flood Zone Management:  These areas are commonly administered through the Planning Department of a municipality.  Additional plan submittals may be required. Please call the building department for contacts regarding these requirements.
As information contained in this site changes on an irregular basis, check the Website for updates often.


Building Official: 309/582-7241 x210 FAX 582-7242
Fire Chief: Dennis Litwiler

Aledo Codes (PDF)


Building Official:
Jeremy Petersen
563/344-4080 FAX 344-4101
Fire Marshal:
Troy Said
563/344-4125 FAX 344-4051

Bettendorf Codes (PDF)


Part Time Building Inspector
Tom Powell
563/259-8342 FAX 259-9025
Fire Chief
Dave Schutte
563/259-1112 FAX 259-8146

Camanche Codes (PDF)


Planning Director
Michael Harmon
Fire Marshal/Building Official
Jeff Chapman
563/243-6724 FAX 243-6724

Clinton Codes (PDF)


Building Official
Mike McGee
563/326-7745 FAX 327-5182
Mike Haymen

Davenport Codes (PDF)

East Moline

Building Official
Joe Kuhlenbeck

309/752-1509 FAX 752-1572
Fire Inspector
Jay McCowan

East Moline Codes


Building Inspector
George Lundahl
563/285-4841  FAX 285-7376
City Administrator
John Dowd
563/285-4841  FAX 285-7376

Eldridge Codes (PDF)


Building Official
Rich Slagel

309/345-3617 FAX 345-5704
Fire Marshall
Bill Thomas
309/345-3757 FAX 343-1340

Galesburg Codes (PDF)

Geneseo / Cambridge

Building Official
Kent Anderson
309/944-0910  FAX 944-8254

Geneseo / Cambridge Codes (PDF)


Building Official
Steve Moller
309/787-8527 FAX 787-8536
Fire Chief
Jerry Mader
309/787-1131 FAX 787-1771

Milan Codes


Building Official
309-524-2371 FAX 309-524-2379
Fire Marshal

Moline Codes (PDF)

Rock Island District Corps of Engineers

Building Official
Jeff Loebach
309/794-5683  794-5698
Fire Marshal

Rock Island District Corps of Engineers Codes (PDF)

Rock Island Arsenal Directorate of Public Works

Building Official
309/782-0762  309/782-2550
Fire Marshal
Terry McMaster, Chief

Rock Island Arsenal Directorate of Public Works Codes (PDF)

Rock Island

Building Official
Bruce Crowe
309/732-2910  732-2930
Fire Marshal
Greg Marty
309/732-2803  732-2813

Rock Island Codes (PDF)

Rock Island County

Building Official
Greg Thorpe / Director
309/558-3771  FAX 786-4456
Fire Marshal
Varies with Fire District

Rock Island County Codes (PDF)

Scott County

Building Official
Bob Buck
563/326-8643   FAX 326-8257
Fire Marshal Volunteer
Iowa State Fire Marshal

Scott County Codes (PDF)


Building Official
Tom Lupinski
309/792-4808 FAX 792-9726
Fire Chief
David Leibovitz
309/792-9553 FAX 792-9065


Building exterior
Office interior
Conference room